Sales and Promotions

Zig Ziglar, the former sales generation specialist and an author, said the wonderful words: “Every sale has five basic obstacles: no need, no money, no hurry, no desire, no trust.”

Sales promotion is the basic requirement for the business to survive.

No, rather thrive. No, rather conquer the world.

Imagine you and your competitor are offering exactly the same kind of product. Your competitor does nothing to promote it.

On the other hand, you create brand awareness around your product, give freebies to your customers and give them abundant value through your social media feed – basically let them remember you.

When the customer actually has a nuanced need, where would they tend to turn up?

At your competitor who has exactly the same product or to you, who has an array of memories inside the customer’s mind?

If your answer was invariably you, let’s address how our sales promotion tools take care of your customers:

Understand the audience: To get into your customers’ minds is the best way of business promotion. The most powerful leverage, gets the biggest revenues when done strategically.

Goal specific: Every direct marketing or sales promotion tools and techniques work because they have a defined specific goal at the outset. All sales promotion activities are designed and defined around those specific goals. When you have a strong point of focus, the locus gets automatically defined.

Focus of attention: We make you inevitable in the market. The big promotions that draw your customer towards you, are designed in a manner that your customer understands they are your focus of attention. We will design your sales promotion to make sure your target customer not only sees it, rather is glued to it and proud of the experience they are consequently offered.

Why Sale Promotions?

Let us help you understand how sales promotions are going to change the entire game for you, and why they are the lifeblood for any sustainable business:

  1. Inducing customer traffic:
    Sales promotion techniques are the richest and finest ways to bring new customers to you. It is also your doorstep opportunity to delight them and treat them like royalty. Why would you want to do that? You would, growth is the game you signed up for, right? You would, because you’d love to have word of mouth referrals which will lead to bigger revenue and higher profits, just because of satisfied customers.
  2. Upselling and cross selling:
    Once you have got your customer, you can also treat them into another product of higher value, or take them to a different product altogether. Human beings would love to avoid the logistics, if their existing needs (and wants that you create) are addressed.
  3. Creates communication opportunity:
    Sales promotion tools are the bridge between your business and potential customers. Customers really understand your business and its logistics, by having a communication with you before onboarding. Thus, sales promotion tools are an excellent way to package yourself in a manner that it becomes impossible for the customer to say no once they have a blessed opportunity to communicate with you.
  4. Greater revenue:
    O yes, the good old money. That too, purely earned and deserved, because you did the emotional labor of connecting with your potential customers.
  5. Focused and differentiated marketing:
    Sales promotion tools allow you to spread your word to the right customers, and not fall into the blindfold way of promoting women’s beauty products to men aged 50 years and above. You will have a differentiated approach for your customers, and that is what will make them come to terms with your exclusivity.

Even if your product is the best ever in industry, it takes promotion and continued promotion to let your customers know of your brand. The effort is worth the reward, and we are here to ease out your efforts.