What We Do?

Business is relationships, sales follows.

We help you in making those relationships with our innovative ideas, in other words increasing your sales. We create exponential value for every stakeholder – from customers, to employees, retailers, to alliance partners.

Our purpose of business is to take care of your business by adding value to your existing products and services.

Please allow us to share a brief description of what all will be served to you on a platter. The best part is, the dishes in the platter will totally be according to your taste and preferences:

What is the need for these reward and loyalty programs?

  • Solutions for your business:

    Your business is different – We understand that. So are our different loyalty programs, customer reward programs and sales promotions programs. We design them specifically for your business, to not only meet its needs; rather also to have a huge leverage in a highly competitive industry.

  • Multiple Mediums:

    To get into alignment with your customers, we offer programs that are not only offline, rather also online so that customers could relate with them. Ease and comfort is the new luxury for customers, and we release exactly that through our multitude of mediums.

  • Carrots and carrots:

    Carrots and sticks motivation does not work anymore, because your customers are already suffering, some due to bad customer service, some due to not being able to receive the exact rewards they were promised. To treat your customer as our king, we offer them rewards that make a joyful experience for them, which will make them come back. This virtuous cycle continues and your customers feel even more motivated to have that taste of rewards.

  • Win-Win Strategy:

    A real win happens when everyone wins. These reward programs create excellent value for your customers, your business is rightly positioned, and everyone goes back home happier. That’s when we win when we make you and your stakeholders win in the first place.

  • Experiential Bliss:

    The biggest authority is of experience. What experience teaches, could never be taught by mere learning. Our team of experts, who have designed programs and promotions for a lot of giants in the industry, will give you exactly those programs that will deliver real results. Real result for you is the bliss we back up by.

  • Customers and their thrust on technology:

    Not all programs are right for offline promotions, so are they for online promotions. Your core understanding around brands and their utility among customers in the light of right technology, will hit the nail in the right place.

Whether you choose these reward programs or not is up to you, what we could assure you through years of being in the industry, is every business who signs up for these programs, comes up only with bigger and better customers and revenue. This is what you are looking for. This is what we help you achieve.

Our Esteem Clients

The experience our clients had has made their business scale and stronger, and our confidence in our services higher. Here are some of the clients that we have been blessed to serve:

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Who We are?

Team Promotions Private Limited is India’s MOST INNOVATIVE SALES PROMOTION COMPANYstriving towards creating “that extra” for the brands while retaining the core objective of incremental sales

Our team of professionals, who will cater to your exact requirements, will give your business upscaling solutions that create more value – in revenue as well as long term associations with partners. We are business’ strategies providers, and when there is a goal backed up by a plan of relentless people coming together for a bigger purpose, impossible is nothing.

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