Alliances and Partnerships

Strategic Alliance is a thought-out choice, one that requires considering 360 degree parameters. Let us show you how we are going to help you achieve that objective, by helping you answer the following questions in-depth:

  • What is the reason behind your business considering a strategic alliance?
  • Considering expanding an existing product, or entering into a new product?
  • Goal is to be radically stronger in technology, or to generate greater sales?
  • Are you considering entering a whole new market?

We help you answer these questions, and when we do that together, we help you address the deeper layers of business:

  • The best leaders and functional teams to drive you results
  • Unanimous focus on the same goal, with growth for all partners
  • Focus on long term growth by giving growth of brand
  • Ensuring consistent and ongoing revenue streams from alliance

What decides the success of alliances?

When we have helped you address these questions, there are deeper layers to be peeled of, where there are several fundamental factors that critically decide the success of alliances, which include

  1. Trust:
    Each business partner in the alliance operates in a manner that may be totally different from another. The best alliance is the one where each one trusts the other party for their contribution and the market share they bring onto table.
  2. Commitment:
    Part-time commitment leads to part-time results. Full-time commitment to make things happen despite the inevitable challenges leads to full-time success of the alliance. Nature of commitment matters.
  3. Keeping track:
    Keeping track of all developments, roadblocks, and all the enablers to milestones let the alliances function smoothly, and acts as evidence to the major turns that happened.
  4. Planning for the end:
    Alliances are business relationships generally created with a specific purpose. A successful alliance is the one that takes into account what would happen to shared assets in the end of alliance. It keeps operations and separation of alliance peaceful and hassle-free; and most importantly, conserves the business relationship sanity between the parties involved.

Best strategic alliances are not defined by their contribution or market share. Best strategic alliances are the ones which end up bringing enormous amount of value for their strategic partners, and at the same time derive benefit for their own business as a result of association with respective partners. A win-win approach is the best metric to measure the best strategic alliance.

Our solutions cater to your business requirements, and the ones identified by your strategic partners. From there as the base, we create the solutions necessary for your business to prosper and bloom, which creates abundant value: in the marketplace, for you, and for all your stakeholders.